Newsletter developed by the Tobacco Institute relaying tobacco-related news to industry representatives. Addresses cigarette tax, airline smoking and public smoking issues raised on state, national and international levels.

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Community Health Program Records
Sullivan, Mike (Governor, WY)
Palmer, Joseph
Davis, Ronald (Director, Office of Smoking and Health)
Koop, C. Everett (Surgeon General)
Daynard, Richard (Department of Health and Human Services)
Long, Gerald (R.J. Reynolds)
Mullen, Charles (American Tobacco)
Randour, Paul (American Tobacco)
Edens, Joseph (Former Executive Committee Chairman, Tobacco Institute/CEO, BATUS)
Gore, Al (U.S. Senator, D-TN)
Bates, Alan (U.S. Representative, D-CA)
Waxman, Henry (U.S. Representative, D-CA)
Atkins, Chet (U.S. Representative, D-MA)
Kennedy, Anthony M. (U.S. Supreme Court nominee)
Doll, Sir Richard (Medical Statistics Expert, Oxford): Peto, Dr. J. (Oxford)
Schwartz, Tony (Political Media Specialist)
Reynolds, Patrick
Moskowitz, Dr. William B. (American Heart Association)
Deyo, Dr. Richard A.
Berger, Dr. Stuart
Christian Science Monitor
Kiplinger Letter
California Health Coalition
Britt Airways, Continental Express
Indianapolis Star
Air Canada
Bureau of National Affairs
American Society for Personnel Administration
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Metro North
Long Island Railroad
South Carolina Mental Health Department
Liggett Group
R.J. Reynolds
Health and Human Services Department
Wall Street Journal
Flue-Cured Tobacco Stabilization Corporation
Agriculture Department
Tobacco Institute
American Tobacco
Consolidated Cigar
General Cigar Division of Culbro and Helme Tobacco
Australian Council on Smoking and Health
Associated Press
Great Britain's Tobacco Advisory Council
American Medical Association
American Medical News
American Lung Association
USA Today
Medical College of Virginia
American Heart Association
Medical College of Georgia
British Medical Journal
Internal Medical News
New York Post
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
Cancer Letter
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