Campaign Report-Proposition 5. California 780000.


Confidential; Marginalia; Restricted; Campaign report on California Proposition 5, an anti-smoking initiative. Summarizes proposition. Provides overview of tobacco lobby activity in California, including the formation of Californians for Common Sense. Outlines basic concepts. Describes organization of the campaign, affiliations with organized labor, the speakers bureau, field staff, and advertisin... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Kelly, Jack
Fdunlap, Katherine
Flourney, Houston
Aronow, Wilbur S
Tucker, Charles
Grefe, Ed
Stevens, Arthur
Greer, Joe
Jarvis, Howard
Pepples, Ernest
Teague, Carroll
Heston, Charlton
Baumgardner, C R
Wyatt, Wilson
Peck, Gregory
Burnett, Carol
Horn, Lena
Day, Tony
Nioden, Albert H
Terry, Luther L
Alden, Dana
Porter, Bud
Loper, Dennis
Teague, C H
Todd, Ric
Wilcox, Tommy
Myers, Michael
Jenkins, Dave
Higgins, Hoyt
Henning, John
Lambert, John
Tamburro, Bob
Brawley, Clarke
Neilsen, Vigo
Rand, Robert J
Tarrance, Lance
Tobacco Institute (TI)
Brown & Williamson
Clean Air group
California Association of Tobacco & Candy Distributors (CATCD)
Tobacco Action Netowrk (TAN)
Rose Institute of State & Local Government at Claremont Men's College
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Longshoremen and Warehousemen's Union
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Crocker Bank
Dobbs & Neilsen
Arthur Young & Co
Philip Morris
Californians for Common Sense
California Labor Federation
Tobacco Workers International Union
American Cancer Society (ACS)
Lance Tarrance & Associates
Woodward & McDowell
California Association of Realtors
California Hotel and Motel Association
California Manufacturers Association
California Wildlife Association
California Republican Assempbly
California State Chamber of Commerce
United Auto Workers
Young Republicans of California
Commonwealth Club
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Southern California Restaurant Association
Northern California Bowling Proprietors Association
Solano County Taxpayers Association
Contra Costa Taxpayers Association
Steuben Society of America
United Business Commission of San Diego County
Vallejo Chamber of Commerce
Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles times
Oakland Tribune
Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Jose Mercury
San Jose Evening News
San Diego Tribune
San Diego Union
Sacramento Union
Lodi News-Sentinel
Marysville Appeal-Democrat
Modesto Bee
Monterey Peninsula Herald
Napa Register
Palo Alto Times
Paradise Post
Petaluma Argus-Courier
Redding Record-Searchlight
Red Bluff News
Whittier Daily News
Chula Cista Star-News
Thousand Oaks Chronicle
Imperial Valley Press
South Pasadena Journal
Eagle Rock Sentinel
KABC-TV Los Angeles
KGO-TV San Francisco
KCST-TV San Diego
KGO-Radio San Francisco
KOIT-FM San Francisco
R J Reynolds (RJR)
Liggett & Myers
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