Letter from Skurnik & Simon to William P. Buckley. Provides list of those who testified and wished to testify at the May 19th hearings. Summarizes outreach efforts targeted at minority communities, civic and fraternal organizations, and small business associations. Lists major mailings. Includes minutes of the May19th hearing.

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Community Health Program Records
Screvane, Paul
Schwartz, Sorrell
Balter, Nancy
Robertson, Gray
Hargrove, James
Cooper, George
Sampson, Fred
Formmicola, Albert
Brodhagen, Patricia
Savarese, Jim
Ciccone, Stephen
Velez, Juan P
Ramos Daniel
Torres, George
Tubridy, Dan
Morales, Wilfredo
Baden, Libby
Wagner, Julian
Babich, George
Powsner, Louis
Pak-tsun, So
Califano, Joseph (Chairman)
Ferrer (Coucilman)
Galame (President of Puerto Rican Mean Market Association)
De La Rosa, Ramon (Owner American Import Corp.)
Cruz, Ulysses (Owner National Ladies Fashion)
Garcia, Malta (Public Relations Director of National Puerto Rican Forum)
Handy, Michael (President of Association of Minority Professionals)
Agovino, Joe (President Executive Association of Greater New York)
Sipos, Louis (President of Central Businessman's Club)
Sito, Ben (President of Chinese Restaurant Association)
Tobais, Toby (President of Ditmar's Merchants Association)
Silverstein, Millie (Executive Secretary King's Highway Board of Trade)
Paperman, Dennis (President of Brighton Beach Board of Trade)
Gadsen, Maude (President of Cosmotology Association of Manhatten)
Dowling, Bill (General Counsel to the Yankees)
Frank McArdle (Executive Director of the GCA)
Cahan, William (Chairman of People for Smoke-Free Indoors)
Koop, C.E
Richmond, Julius B
Scheidt Stephen (Professor of Clinical Medicine)
Freeman, Harold (Director of Surgery)
Ewenstein (Executive Director of NY Lung Association)
Lowrey, Alfred
Schottenfeld, David
Glantz, Stanton (President of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights)
Niebling, Robert J (Deputy Health Commissioner Nassau County)
Ashton, Mary M (Minnesota Commissioner of Health)
Hart-Sturm, Ellen
Logan, Bruce (President East Mangattan Chamber of Commerce)
Kristein, Marvin
O'Leary, Dennis (President, New York Lung Association)
Mangieri, Robert
Committee on Smoking and Health
Committee on Common Courtesy
Tobacco Institute
ACVA Atlantic Incoporated
National Black Police Association
New York Chamber of Commerce
New York Restaurant Association
New York Hotel and Motel Association
Food Merchant's Association
New York State AFL-CIO, New York State Business Council
Hispanic World's Fair
Vietname War Veterans
Queen's County Restaurant and Liquor Association
Central Astoria Local Development Corporation, Non-Medallion Taxi Association
Kings County Boards of Trade
Chinese Chamber of Commerce
New York Yankees
General Contractors Association
People for Smoke-Free Indoors
New York Lung Association
American Cancer Society
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
New York State Business Council
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Puerto Rican Mean Market Association
American Import Corp.
National Ladies Fashion
National Puerto Rican Forum
Association of Minority Professionals
Executive Association of Greater New York
Central Businessman's Club
Chinese Restaurant Association
Cosmotology Association of Manhatten
Brighton Beach Board of Trade
King's Highway Board of Trade
Ditmar's Merchants Association
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