Informational Memorandum Regarding 1. Life Magazine Plans article On Tobacco Industry, 2. AFL-CIO Plans Campaign Against Smoking, 3. Senator Neuberger Attacks A.M.A. Research Project, 4. National Educational Television Program


Confidential; Memo from Hill and Knowlton Inc from 1963. Outlines current issues facing the industry. Informs of upcoming media exposure through Life Magazine and a radio program on the Surgeon General's Advisory Committee's report. Summarizes AFL-CIO's upcoming program against excessive smoking and Senator Neuberger's reproach of the AMA's research program.

This object is in collection:
Community Health Program Records
Amgott, M
Kerr, Alix (Assistant editor of Life Magazine)
Perlis, Leo (National Director of AFL-CIO Community Service Activities)
Neuberger, Maurine B OR Senator-D)
Members Public Relations Representatives Legal Representatives
Life Surgeon General's Advisory Committee
American Cancer Society
New York Times
US Senate
American Medical Association
Hammond United Press International
National Educational Television And Radio Center
Tobacco Institute
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