Compliance to GSA Smoking Regulations (41 CFR Part 101-20) by a Sample of US Government Agencies


Embargoed; Illegible/Difficult to Read; Collection of Smoking Policy Institute (SPI) documents. Contains numerous newspaper articles involving the cost of workplace smoking, SPI publications, and advertisements for SPI products and services. Includes SPI review of federal agencies smoking policies. Evaluates overall effectiveness and compliance with General Services Administration (GSA) guidelines... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Rosner, Robert
Koop, C. Everett
Sticht, J. Paul
Weis, William
Lowenberg, Timothy
Martin, Michael J
Feirenbach, Annette
Ferguson, Cynthia
McCarthy, Helen
Way, Stephen
Brunson, Greg
Smoking Policy Institute
General Services Administration (GSA)
United States Office of Smoking and Health
Federal Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health
Department of Energy, Housing, and Urban Development
Department of Commerce
Federal Trade Commission
Department of Labor
Department of the Treasury and Health and Human Services
R J Reynolds
Kaiser Permanente
CIGNA Health Plan of Arixona, Inc
Group Health Cooperative (GHC)
Pacific Northwest Bell
Denver Post
Broward, Davis & Associates
Bureau of National Affairs
Eastman Kodak
American Lung Association
American Public Health Association
Public Citizen Health Research Group
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Financial Planning
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
Department of Labor and Industries
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
Tobacco Institute
National Cancer Institute
Canadian Cancer Society
England's Royal College of Physicians
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