New York State Public Health Council Hearing on Part 25-- Regulation of Smoking


Testimony of Walter Merryman, Tobacco Institute, in front of the New York State Public Health Council on the regulation of smoking. States opposition to anti-smoking regulation and cites business people, labor, and minority communities as allies. Questions scientific evidence showing environmental tobacco smoke to be harmful. Predicts negative economic impact. States that proposed regulation is un... read more

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Cleary, Ed
Hargrove, Jimmy
Merryman, Walker
Sampson, Fred
Schuler, Raymond
Acva Atlantic Of Falrfax Virginia
Afl-Cio Executive Committee
Business Council Of New York State
Center For Environmental Health And Human Toxicology
Health And Human Services
Health Council
Medical World News
National Academy Of Sciences
National Association Of Black Police Associations
National Black United Fund
New York Public Health Council
New York State Afl-cio
New York State Public Health Council
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Surgeon General
Tobacco Institute
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