Federal Tax Funding to "Assist" State Tobacco Control Lobbying


Article arguing that federal taxes are funding state tobacco control lobbying. Argues this is happening through National Cancer Institute (NCI) ASSIST program, as the government gives money to NCS and then NCI funds anti-tobacco advocates. Questions whether ASSIST shows contempt for Congress and what taxpayers dollars buy with ASSIST funds. Wonders if policy intervention is the proper mission of t... read more

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Abrams, David
Bentley, Haden
Bentley, Helen
Brownson, Ross
Daynard, Richard
Grande, Donna
Hatch, Orrin
Mcconnell, Mitch
Shalala, Donna
Shroff, Theresa
Sullivan, Louis
Wallop, Malcolm
Welch, Dick
American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST)
American Cancer Society (ACS)
Casino Journal
Centers For Disease Control (CDC)
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Coalition Project Directors And Contacts
Colorado Department Of Health
Commerce Committee
Community Environment
Department Of Health And Human Services
S Association On Local Smoking Control
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Ncrs Smoking And Tobacco Control Program
Office Of General Counsel Department Of Health And Human Services
Office Of Management
Scientific Advisory Committee
State Public Disclosure Commission
State Tobacco Control Program (STCP)
STCP Task Force
Tobacco Institute (TI)
Tobacco Product Liability Project
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