Tobacco Issues in 1995


Draft of Public Affairs tax issue plan for 1995. Provides background on the tobacco tax issues in 1995. Reviews projects and activities to counter tax threats and estimates budget costs. Plans to brief new members of Congress, develop issue materials, commission studies, and encourage allies to become more involved. Includes brief discussion of advertising issues in 1995.

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Woodson, Walter
Mack, Mattie
Philip, A
Yoe, Cathey
Orzechowski, Bill
Dawson, Brennan
Price Waterhouse
American Agriculture Movement
The Federation Of Southern Cooperatives
Citizens For Tax Justice (CTJ)
Coalition Of Labor Union Women
Democratic House And Senate
Economic Policy Institute
Federation Of Southern Cooperatives
Liberties Union And The Washington Legal Foundation
Labor Management Committee (LMC)
LA Citizen Action
Public Affairs
Randolph Institute Labor Council For Latin American Citizens
Tobacco Institute (TI)
TI Public Affairs
TI State Activities
Tobacco Growers Information Committee (TGIC)
Tobacco Industry Labor Management Committee (TILMC)
Tobacco Industry On The United States
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