MAY 1987, 1771. Susan Stuntz #1 Public Affairs - General Budget Files 1986-87

Susan Stuntz

Progress update on three fire and fire fighter-related strategies. Discusses relationships with fire and other public officials in 225 localities and roll-out of various programs for use by fire departments. Aims to increase fire service awareness of industry programs via placement of industry-written articles in fire service and fire publications and briefings of individual leaders. Seeks to enco... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Perroni, C.
Mieszala, Pat
Scott, Willard
McCormack, Ed
Harrison, Marcie
Schaenman, Phil
Brown, Carrie (Special Assistant to Rep. Walgren)
Walgren, Douglas (U.S. Rep., D-PA)
Ely, Ron (President, IAFC)
Clark, Jim
Galante, Louis (Commissioner, Chicago Fire Department)
Endowment, Lilly
St. Louis Fire Department
City of Richmond Department of Public Safety
City of Worcester Fire Department
Shreveport Fire Department
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Whitesboro Fire Department
Castleton Fire Company Incorporated
Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal
National Fire Information Council
St. Vincent Hospital Burn Unit
Amsterdam Fire Department
Montclair Fire Department
Tobacco Institute
District of Columbia Fire Department
San Francisco Fire Department
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Union (IPFU)
Pan Educational Institute
Project L.I.F.E.
Blue Springs School District
Texas A&M University
Florida Firefighter Association
Maryland State Firemen's Association
Chicago Fire Department
Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
Gallaudet College Department of Safety and Security
National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)
International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
Montana State Fire Marshal
Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner
International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI)
Atlantic City Fire Department
Fairfax County Fire Department
Illinois House
Illinois Senate
Journal of Burn and Rehabilitation
Alabama Firefighters Association
Florida Firemen's Association
Alabama Firefighter
Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs
National Fire Academy
House Committee on Science and Technology
Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
International Association of Fire Educators
Monroe County Volunteer Firemen Association
Washington State Public Fire Educators Conference
Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs
Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Union
Professional Fire Fighters Union of Indiana
Fire Chief of Indianapolis
Washington Public Fire Educators Association
International Association of Public Educators
Illinois Fire Chiefs Associated
Metropolitan Fire Chiefs
Washington Post
Detroit News
Los Angeles Times
Consumer Product Safety Commission
United States Fire Administration
Center for Fire Research
Alliance of Fire and Burn Prevention Organizations
California State Conference on Excellence in the Fire Service
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