[Op eds by B. Dawson re: cigarette taxes]

Dawson, Brennan M

Copies of op eds sent out from Brennan Dawson to newspapers in the key tobacco states. Compares Congress' efforts to repeal taxes on boats, jewelry, and air craft to current ideas about a "monster" tobacco tax. Discusses potential job loss.

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Dawson, Brennan M
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Alexandria Journal
Bowling Green Park City Daily News
Chapel Hill News
Chattanooga Times
Clayton News Daily
Commercial Appeal
Daily Independent
Daily Progress
Ee Dailies
Fairfax Journal
Ga Pg
Goldsboro News
Harrisorurg Daily News
Johnson City Kingsport Times
Lynchburg News
Madison Avenue
Nc Pg
Newport News Daily
Raleigh News
Richmond Times
Roanoke Times & World News
Rock Hill
Sun News
Tobacco Institute (TI)
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