[BC&T Resolution on Financing of Health Care Reform, Consumers Union Letter to Clinton, Clinton Health Proposal: A Consumer Perspective]


Bakery, Confectionary & Tobacco Workers Union resolution opposing financing health care reform through tobacco taxes, a Consumers Union letter to Clinton applauding his proposal but questioning its financing options, and a Consumers Union report on the plan from a consumers perspective. Cover memo from Susan Stuntz noting that Consumers Union has not payed enough attention to excise taxes.

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Community Health Program Records
Lewis, Bob
McAdam, Bob
Stuntz, Susan
Clinton, Bill
Karpatkin, Rhoda H
Silbergeld, Mark
Schaefer, William D
Lipsen, Linda
Shearer, Gail
Bell, Judith
Hildreth, John
McGiffert, Lisa
George, Cal
Woodson, Walter
Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union Local 203T
Consumers Union
Citizen Action
Department of Justice
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Federation of America
Center for Study of Services
Alliance for Justice
Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers
National Health Board
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