Taxes and "Social Costs"


Marginalia; Tobacco Institute briefing on taxes and "social costs." Discusses the background and assumptions involved in the issue. Identifies allies. Aims to "reduce reliance on tobacco excise taxes to meet social and economic objectives" by arguing that these taxes are regressive, unfair, and bad for the economy. Outlines strategies, goals, and tactics at the federal and state level. Includes co... read more

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George, Cal
Stuntz, Susan
Forscey, Harris
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Consumer Tax Alliance (CTA)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Coalition Against Regressive Taxation (CART)
Surgeon General
Tobacco Industry Labor Management Committee (TILMC)
Price and Waterhouse
National Tobacco Council
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
American Legislative Exchange Council
National Conference of State Legislators
Council of State Governments
National Governors Association
Veterans Rights Coalition
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