[Collection of documents pertaining to opposition to increased excise taxes]


Collection of documents pertaining to opposition to increased excise taxes. Lists groups to whom the Labor Management Committee will grant funds. Contains editorial from the American Farm Foundation applauding Clinton's broad idea but critizing his plan to raise tobacco taxes. Includes resolutions from two Ohio labor unions to oppose cigarette taxes. Covers American Agriculture meeting with White ... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Radell, Michelle
Woodson, Walter
Stuntz, Susan
Lewis, Bob
McAdam, Bob
Clinton, Bill
Mitchell, Larry
Kaiser, Harry
Senter, David
Lux, Michael
Gore, Al
Mack, Mattie
Clinton, Hillary
Paige, Ralph
Sherrod, Charles
Bishop, Sanford
Clyburn, James
Lewis, John
Barlow, Tom
Meek, Carrie
Jefferson, William
Thompson, Bennie
McKinney, Cynthia
Hilliard, Earl
Clayton, Eva
Rangel, Charles
George, Cal
Chilcote, Samuel D Jr
Tobacco Industry Labor Management Committee (TILMC)
Citizens for Tax Justice
The Economic Policy Institute
Coalition on Human Needs
California Tax Reform Association
Congress of California Seniors
Iowa Citizen Action Network
Florida State Council of Senior Citizens Education & Research Fund
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
New Jersey Citizen Action
Senior Citizen Educationa and Research Association on New York
National Consumers League
Minnesota Citizens for Tax Justice
The Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy
Pennsylvania Institute on Public Policy
American Family Farm Foundation
Ohio United Mine Workers Coal Miners Political Action Committee (COMPAC)
Ohio Valley Council of Sheet Metal Workers
American Agriculture Movement
Congressional Black Caucus
Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Burley & Dark Leaf
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