Tax and Welfare Policy Options: Implications for Minorities and the Poor


Joint Center for Policy Studies report on tax and welfare policy options and their implications for minorities and the poor. Includes letter to Richard Wright, Tobacco Institute, offering a copy of the report for his review. Finds that whites have benefitted more from tax reforms than African-Americans because whites tend to be more affluent. Asserts that recent tax reforms have increased the tax ... read more

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Williams, Eddie N
Burbridge, Lynn
McFate, Katherine
Morris, Milton D
O'Hare, William
Lewin, Jane
Partee, James
Sellers, Betty
Alexis, Marcus
Norton, Eleanor Holmes
Reagan, Ronald
McIntyre, Robert S
Tipps, Dean C
Freeland, Wendall
Boyd, William
Martin, Louis
Adams, John Hurst
Adams, Robert McCormick
Barker, Lucius J
Dixon, Hortense Williams
Dymally, Mervyn
Edelman, Marian Wright
Foster, Luther Hilton
Ikard, Jayne Brumley
Maynard, Robert C
Rapoport, Bernard
Wolfenson, James D
Farrar, Eleanor
Joint Center for Political Studies
Tobacco Institute
Kettering Foundation
National Issues Forum
Domestic Policy Association
International Revenue Service (IRS)
U. S. Bureau of Census
Joint Committee on Taxation
Urban Institute
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
U.S. Treasury Department
Freeland & Kronz
The Johnson Foundation
Congress of National Black Churches
Smithsonian Institution
Children's Defense Fund
Moton Memorial Institute
American Income Life Insurance
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