Testimony: Hearing on Excise Taxes


Marginalia; Center for Science in the Public Interest testimony on excise taxes on alcohol in front of the Senate Finance Committee. Calls for the doubling of current excise tax rates on alcohol and the equalization of tax rates on alcohol. Cites the negative effects of alcohol and the budget defecit as reasons to raise excise taxes. Challenges argument that tax is unfair towards low-income people... read more

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Panzer, Fred
Johnson, Paul
Packwood, Robert
Jacobson, Michael F
Sparber, Peter
Sullivan, Rick
Kochenderfer, Karil
Fleishman Hillard Inc
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Senate Finance Committee
National Alcohol Tax Coalition
American Association of Retired Persons
National Council on Alcoholism
Remove Intoxicated Drivers
National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Alcohol Tax Coalition (NATC)
Simmons Market Research Bureau
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Family Opinion
Adventist Health Network
American College of Preventative Medicine
American Council for Drug Education
American Council on Alcohol Problems
American Licensed Practical Nurses Association
American Medical Students Association
American Youth Work Center
Association of Schools of Public Health
Children's Defense Fund
The Children's Foundation
Citizens for Highway Safety
Consumer Affairs Committee of Americans for Democratic Action
Doctors Ought to Care
National Association for Public Health Policy
National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors
National Center for Drunk Driving Control
National Council on the Aging
National Drivers Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents
National Women's Christian Temperance Union
National Women's Health Network
Public Citizen
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