[Memo from Samuel D. Chilchote, Jr. (Pres. Tobacco Institute) to Executive Committee regarding testimonies in excise tax herings]


Memo from Samuel D. Chilchote, Jr. (Pres. Tobacco Institute) to Executive Committee, April 8, 1986. Requests chief corporate executive officers to testify in April 21 hearings on excise taxes. Lists other individuals/institutions expected to request time to testify. Asks for suggestions for other witnesses.

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Community Health Program Records
Chilchote, Samuel D., Jr., (Pres. Tobacco Institute)
Packwood, Robert (Chairman Sen. Finance Committee)
Scott-Boom, Betty
Burns, Terry
Fleischer, Malcolm
Kerrigan, Michael
Sharp, Norman
Collins, Martha Lane (Gov. Kentucky)
Martin, Jim (Gov. North Carolina)
Wilhelm, David (Exec. Dir. CTJ)
Trevino, Joe (Exec. Dir. League of United Latni American Citizens)
Ture, Norman (Dir. Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation)
The Tobacco Institute
National Institute of Tobacco Distributers
Retail Tobacco Dealers of America
National Automatic Merchandisers Association
Smokeless Tobacco Council
Cigar Association of America
National Association of Convenience Stores
Amusement and Music Operators of America
Hawaii Food Industry Council
Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association
Oregon Auto Dealers Association
Oregon Trucking Association
Association of Oregon Industry
National Governors Association
U.S. Conference of Mayors
Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)
League of United Latin American Citizens
Mexican American Grocers Association
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
American G.I. Forum
Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Noncommissioner Officers Association
deSeve Economics
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