Northeast AFL-CIO Council Meeting

Seymour, Magda Lynn

Marginalia; Memo from Magda Lynn Seymour to Martin Gleason and Carol Hrycaj regarding the Northeast AFL-CIO Council Meeting. Discusses her attendance and other tobacco lobbyists present. Summarizes their fair tax presentation. Notes follow-up plans. Finds meeting was very productive overall.

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Community Health Program Records
Seymour, Magda Lynn
Hyrcaj, Carol
Alpert, Hal
Casey, Jim
Cleary, Ed
Crayton, Mary
Donahue, Humphrey
Faherty, Joe
George, Bill
Haynes, Bob
Lydon, Joe
Macfayden, Tammy
Mccann, Ned
Mcintyre, Bob
Meyers, Ed
Morse, Frank
Nee, George
Olsen, John
Stuntz, Susan
Tiernan, Jim
Waddy, Walter
Dyer, D
Oconnor, J
Citizens For Tax Justice (CTJ)
Labor Management Committee (LMC)
Tobacco Institute (TI)
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