[1987 TriData Fire Memos]

Karen Fernicola

Marginalia; Four memos to Peter Sparber, Susan Stuntz, and Lisa Osborne of the Tobacco Institute, three from Philip Schaenman and one from Barbara Lundquist. Discuss various topics relating to fire prevention and fire service organizations, including trends in fire detector usage, presentation at Alliance of Fire and Burn Prevention organizations, and attendance and presentation at Pennsylvania Bi... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Hall, John (NFPA)
Rupp, John
Mieszala, Pat
Achauer, Bruce (American Burn Association)
Jameson, Fred (IFBE)
Benyo, Joe (IFBE)
Marchone, Mary (ISFSI)
Kerns, Nancy (ISFSI)
May, Ben (Vice President, Kobrand Corporation)
Maley, Matthew (Director of Environmental Control, Shriners Hospitals)
Bowden, Leora (National Institute for Burn Medicine)
Yerkes, Sara (NFPA)
Smith, Skip (Fire Marshals Association of North America)
Butters, Tim (USFA)
Henry, Chet (Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner)
Osborne, Lisa
Singel, Mark (Lt. Governor, Pa.)
Davis, Larry
Leahy, John (Pittsburgh Fire Chief/ Vice President, ISFSI)
Moser, Earl
Donaldson, Walt (ISFSI Fire Education Committee)
Bohner, Harry (Executive Director, New York State Association of Fire Chiefs)
Cowan, Sandra
Milita, Trish
Hutchinson, Eddie (Fire Chief, Greenburg (PA))
Lewis, George
Savage, Tom
Williams, Dian (President, Center for Arson Research)
Ackerman, Pete
Condon, Jack
McKeon, Red
Drinkard, Walt
Greer, Ellsworth
Williams, Fred
Scott, Willard
Sittleburg, Phil
Welter, Gus
Lyman, John
Streng, Paul
Barrett, Bill
Aulich, John
Tharp, Tom
Perroni, Carolyn
Campbell, Colin
Lukas, Paul
Olivari, John
Coleman, Bobbie
Stittleburg, Phil
Wofford, C.
Roux, Hank
Redden, Joe
Greene, Olin
Pressman, Jerry
Tira, Lester
Bonnafon, Larry
Reagan, Ronald (U.S. Pres., R-CA)
Ennis, Steve
Hill, Irvin
Jones, Bob
Pepsin, Marty (Chief, South of Venice-area (FL) Fire Department)
King, Frank (Delaware Volunteer Firemens Association)
Tobacco Institute
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Technical Study Group
United States Fire Administration (USFA)
Alliance of Fire and Burn Prevention Associations
Fire Safe Cigarette Study
Overcoming Barriers to Public Fire Education Study
American Burn Association
Burn Care and Rehabilitation Newsletter
University of California at Irvine
Institute of Fire and Burn Education (IFBE)
International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI)
Kobrand Corporation
Shriners Hospitals
National Institute for Burn Medicine
Fire Marshals Association of North America
Pennsylvania Fire Academy
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
ISFSI Fire Education Committee
New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
Center for Arson Research
Fire and Burn Safety Alliance
National Fire and Burn Association
Firehawk Foundation
National Fire and Burn Education Association
National Volunteer Fire Council
Johnson Foundation
Maryland Firemen's Association
The Dispatch
Day Publishers
Center for Building Technology
Center for Fire Research
National Fire Academy
Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association
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