Confidential; Public Affairs Management Plan Progress Report from July 1989. Addresses issues of excise taxes, public smoking, airlines, advertising, fire safety, social cost, media relations and the formation of general coalitions from a pro-smoking standpoint. Also discusses production services and use of the Tobacco Institute's Information Center.

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Community Health Program Records
Schoonmaker, Debbie (Primary Responsibility, Excise Tax Issue and Social Costs)
Hrycaj, Carol (Primary Responsibility, Excise Tax Issue and Social Costs)
Senter, David
Lyons, John (Primary Responsibility, Public Smoking Issue and Airlines Issue)
Ransome, Sharon (Primary Responsibility, Public Smoking Issue)
Thomas, Kay (Primary Responsibility, Public Smoking Issue)
Schlein, David (Vice President, American Federation of Government Employees)
Fox, John
Oberstar, James (U.S. Representative/Chairman, House Aviation Subcommittee)
Durbin (U.S. Representative, D-IL)
Panzer, Fred (Primary Responsibility, Advertising Issue)
Bruce, Janet (Primary Responsibility, Advertising Issue)
Koch, Ed (Mayor, New York City)
Mitchell (Senate Majority Leader)
Fernicola, Karen (Primary Responsibility, Fire Safety Issue)
Boucher (U.S. Representative)
Bliley (U.S. Representative)
Levin, Myron (Writer, Los Angeles Times)
Newby, Susan
Tollison, Robert (Economic Consultant)
Wagner, Richard (Economic Consultant)
Dawson, Brennan (Primary Responsibility, Media Relations)
Luken (U.S. Representative)
Robertson, Gray
Weeks, Dr. David
Peterson, Jack
Cannell, Anne (Primary Responsibility, Production Services)
Dieman, Gail
Booth, Maureen (Primary Responsibility, Information Center)
Miller, Bob
American Agricultural Movement (AAM)
Tobacco Industry Labor Management Committee (LMC)
American Federation of Government Employees
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Safe Workplace Air Coalition (SWAC)
National Energy Management Institute (NEMI)
Tobacco Institute
Campus Safety Association
Association of Physical Plant Administrators of Colleges and Universities
ACVA Atlantic
U.S. Information Agency
Service Employees International Union
Commerce Clearinghouse
ENV Services, Inc.
Official Airline Guides, Inc.
Smokers' Rights Alliance
Advertising Tax Coalition
American Association of Advertising Agencies
Freedom to Advertise Coalition (FAC)
The Washington Post
International Association of Advertising
Philip Morris
Direct Marketing Association
Texas A&M Firemen's Training School
International Association of Fire Chiefs
National Volunteer Fire Council
Florida Fire Chiefs Council
Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
University of Georgia
Phoenix Associates
TriData Corporation
Social Cost Council
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Peat Marwick Main
American Public Health Association (APHA)
American Medical Association (AMA)
Asia-Pacific Association for the Control of Tobacco
Coalition on Smoking OR Health
National Association of Tobacco Distributors
Public Relations Society
Healthy Buildings International
Rainbow Graphics
Tobacco Institute's Information Center (IC)
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