Confidential; Progress report detailing the public affairs management plan of the Tobacco Institute for 1988. Addresses the excise tax issue, public smoking issue, airlines issue, advertising issue, fire safety issue, and social costs issue. Provides details on media relations, production services, the information center, and special projects. Includes budgets for each section.

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Community Health Program Records
Schoonmaker, Debbie (Primary Responsibility for the Excise Tax Issue and Social Cost Issue)
Hrycaj, Carol (Primary Responsibility for the Excise Tax Issue and Social Cost Issue)
Ross, Jeffrey (Primary Responsibility for the Public Smoking Issue)
Lyons, John (Primary Responsibility for the Public Smoking Issue and Airlines Issue)
Ransome, Sharon (Primary Responsibility for the Public Smoking Issue)
Thomas, Kay (Primary Responsibility for the Public Smoking Issue)
Fox, John
Obledo, Mario
Young, Andrew (Mayor, Atlanta, GA)
Lautenberg (U.S. Senator)
Barclay, Charles (Official, Airline Passengers of America/Executive Vice President, American Association of Airport Executives)
Panzer, Fred (Primary Responsibility for Advertising)
Bruce, Janet (Primary Responsibility for Advertising)
Bradley (U.S. Senator, D-NJ)
Thurmond (U.S. Senator, R-SC)
Gore (U.S. Senator, D-TN)
Hollings (U.S. Senator, D-SC)
Ford (U.S. Senator, D-KY)
Rudman (U.S. Senator, R-NH)
Stuntz, Susan (Primary Responsibility for the Fire Safety Issue)
Fernicola, Karen (Primary Responsibility for the Fire Safety Issue)
Fandetti, Lisa (Secretary, Tobacco Institute)
Dawson, Brennan M. (Primary Responsibility, Media Relations)
Tollison, Bob (Professor, George Macon University)
Wagner, Dick (Professor, George Macon University)
Robertson, Gray (ACVA Atlantic)
Davidson, Jolly Ann
Cannell, Anne (Primary Responsibility for Production Services)
Picciano, Laura (Primary Responsibility for the Information Center)
Duffin, Anne (Primary Responsibility for Special Projects)
Cyrus, John (SAD Consultant)
Jacobson, Michael
The Tobacco College
National Economic Commission
American Agriculture Movement
Economic Witness Team
Tobacco Institute (TI)
Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)
Hispanic Caucus
Labor Management Committee (LMC)
United States Information Agency (USIA)
ACVA Atlantic
U.S. Chamber Foundation
National Energy Management Institute (NEMI)
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Hispanic National Bar Association
Covington & Burling
Washington Legal Foundation
Bestype Consulting
Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association
Wisconsin Tourism Federation
Wisconsin Innkeepers Association
Wisconsin Truck Stop Operators
Nebraska Licensed Beverage Association
Nebraska Lodging Association
Restaurant Association of Maryland
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Aviation Research and Analysis (AR&A)
Official Airline Guide, Inc. (OAG)
Airline Passengers of America (APA)
American Association of Airport Executives
Aviation Safety and Health Association
Utah Air Travel Commission
Senate Commerce Committee
Freedom to Advertise Coalition
Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE)
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (IABPFF)
New York State Fire Chiefs Association
Firemen's Association of the State of New York
Washington State Fire Fighters' Association
National Volunteer Fire Council
Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association
Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
New Jersey Restaurant Association
United Restaurant, Hotel and Tavern Association of New York
Tennessee Restaurant Association
Indiana Restaurant Association
Nevada Hotel and Motel Association
Nevada Restaurant Association
Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association
North Carolina Restaurant Association
NB Lodging Association
Minnesota Downtown Hospitality Association
Texas Retail Grocers Association
Vermont Retail Grocers Association
Vermont Retail Merchants Association
Vermont Lodging and Hospitality Association
New Hampshire Retail Grocers Association
New England Convenience Store Association
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
NB Licensed Beverage Association
Washington Beverage Association
National Restaurant Association
Rotary Club
Pennsylvania Association of Candy and Tobacco Distributors
Syracuse University
Wisconsin Co-Op Tobacco Growers Association
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Harvard Institute on Smoking and Public Policy
National Bureau of Economic Research
Tobacco Action Network (TAN)
Center for Science and the Public Interest
UK Tobacco Advisory Council
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