Confidential; Redacted; Comments at 1984 Tobacco Institute Annual Meeting delivered by Samuel Chilcote and by Horace Kornegay on behalf of David Henderson, Roger Mozingo, William Kloepfer, Jr., and Daniel A. Milway. Outlines 'attack' plan for federal and state excise taxes, including lobbying strategy focusing on public employees, minorities, veterans, and women's groups. Also discusses fire safe ... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Kornegay, Horace
Henderson, David
Mozingo, Roger
Kloepfer, Bill
Milway, Daniel
Fowle, Wyche (U.S. Rep.)
Scanlon, Terrence
Thomas, Lee
Cannon, Joseph (Asst. Administrator for Air, EPA)
Repace, James
Schwartz, Sorell (Medical researcher, Georgetown University)
Vinovich, Ralph
Prendergast, William (Tax project leader, Tobacco Institute)
Dole, Robert (U.S. Sen., R-KS)
Packwood, Robert (U.S. Sen., R-OR)
Danforth, John (U.S. Sen., R-MO)
Thurmond, Strom (U.S. Sen., R-SC)
Goldwater, Barry (U.S. Sen, R-AZ)
Stevens, Ted (U.S. Sen., R-AZ)
Helms, Jesse (U.S. Sen., R-NC)
Lugar, Richard (U.S. Sen., R-IN)
Jones, Lance (TAN)
Ford, Gordon (Ford Vending Company, TAN)
Koop, C. Everett (U.S. Surgeon General)
Browder, Anne
Rupp, John
Regan, Donald (Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Treasury)
Chilcote, Samuel
Whelan, Elizabeth
Taylor, Peter
Humber, Tom
Federal Relations Division
US Congress
House Ways and Means Committee
Chase Econometrics
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Fire-Safe Cigarette Study
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
National Cancer Institute
Office of Smoking and Health
Covington & Burling
Senate Finance Committee
Senate Commerce Committee
Senate Armed Services Committee
Senate Agriculture Committee
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Congressional Black Caucus
Tobacco Institute Executive Committee
Tobacco Institute Political Action Committee (TIPAC)
House Finance Committee
Senate Health Committee
House Health Committee
Senate Revenue Committee
House Revenue Committee
Tobacco Action Network (TAN)
St. Joseph County (IN) County Council
Ford Vending Company
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
National Governors Association (NGA)
Responsible Living Project
National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE)
Urban League
Kiwanis Club
Pennsylvania State Legislature
National Black Caucus of State Legislators
Methuen (MA) Board of Health
Erie County Commission
American Association of Affirmative Action
Committee on Taxation and Economic Growth
Vietnam Veterans of America
National Chamber Foundation
Citizens for Tax Justice
Save our Security
Women in Farm Economics
League of United Latin American Citizens
American Cancer Society
The Tobacco Observer
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