Notes to Philosophy 167: Class 4 -- Kepler's Planetary System and the Rudolphine Tables -- Part 17.

Smith, George E. (George Edwin), 1938-

Synopsis: An Examination of the Evidence for Kepler's "Laws": The Precise Statement of Kepler's Generalizations -- The Evidence in 1630 for the Ellipse and Area "Laws" -- The Evidence in 1630 for the 3/2 Power "Law" -- Evidence that the "Laws" are Laws: Kepler's Approach -- Kepler's Approach to the Underlying Physics -- Illustrate Via the "Physics" for Keplerian Motion -- The Empirical Limitations... read more

Philosophy and science.
Spherical astronomy.
Planetary theory.
Celestial mechanics.
Kepler's laws.
Kepler, Johannes, 1571-1630.
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